From a common daily life operations till a stunning all life stories. Our small team, called Pacific Brothers, transfer the life content into a digital form. Our apps make easier for people to find the best parking sports or the closest ATMs then. Our digital media platforms tell people narratives about the rising diving inventor or hidden skiing pioneer.

Jan, an apps developer, and Petr, a digital media producer, lead a team of our friends (brothers) on a Pacific shore in Sydney. Svet, Janko, Lukas, Martin, Roman or Tomas, we work together in Australia bringing here our knowledge gained mainly overseas, especially in the Czech Republic.

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Pacific Brothers

Petr Byma

Petr Býma

Digital Content Producer

Many years of experience in media (digital content creator, editor, reporter) and business development (online shopping, sales and marketing, project management) in the Czech Republic and Australia.

Education: Master’s Degrees from University of Newcastle, Australia & Charles University in Prague.