Smart Cities is a modern concept of transforming big data to structured and understandable results. One of best ways how to introduce outputs to wider public is via mobile apps helping with daily tasks.

We have experience with various mobile applications fitting Smart Cities specification.

Here are few examples from various areas of interest.


Many people use ATMs on a daily basis. Sometimes it could be difficult to locate them. This app displays closest ATMs, their opening hours, withdrawal fees and their features, such as disabled access or the cash deposit. Data from twelve biggest Australian banks are displayed in the app.

The app is featuring various ways how to fit users stories. All UI is structured around convenience and simplicity for user to achieve his goal.

Parking in Prague

There are many parking zones in Prague and new ones were created at the end of last year. Complex parking rules overcomplicate the situation for many drivers. Based on several official APIs I draft solution for mobile application where users can easily find a parking spot, parking machines, public parking lots including their real-time capacity and even pay for parking online. Brief description of parking rules, countdown and possibility to save registration plate is part of the app as well. Besides the iOS app, the Android version of the app was simultaneously developed.

Parking in Sydney – concept

Recently we created a proof of concept potentially solving the parking issues in Sydney. We aggregated multiple free accessible sources and created an interactive map featuring multiple public and private parking lots, on-street parking, parking machines, etc. Our final goal is to create the ultimate map covering the whole city, helping all drivers with parking and solve one of the biggest transporting problems in Sydney.

Currently, we are overcoming difficulties caused by councils unwillingness to share parking data with us.